Bilderdijkstraat Vegan Lunch Menu




Smoked no Salmon Bagel – 12,50

tomato lox with horseradish cashew cream cheese, red onion rocket, capers, dill and lemon

Kroketten Sandwich – 11,50

kroketten on lightly toasted sourdough with pink pickle and wholegrain mustard

Chipotle Mushrooms on Toast – 12,50

portobello, king oyster and chestnut mushrooms with pea guacamole on sourdough toast

Full English Breakfast – 19,50

 ‘bacon,’ ‘sausage’, scramble, chipotle mushrooms, grilled tomato, hash browns and baked beans served with sourdough toast



Roasted Beet Salad – 16,50

with ‘feta’, black quinoa, toasted walnuts and grains with maple & balsamic dressing

MD Caesar Salad – 17,00

with pan-fried ‘chicken,’ bacon bits, micro kale, garlic thyme croutons and ‘Parmesan’ served with MD Caesar Dressing



Ultimate no Cheeseburger  with Fries – 19,50

pea protein pattie on a bun with ‘cheddar cheese’, dill and mustard gherkin, grilled red onion, vine tomato and MD chipotle sauce

Celeriac & Fennel Burger with Fries – 19,50

celeriac and fennel patty on a brioche bun with smoked tofu, green apple slaw and garlic ‘parmesan’ sauce

choose from hand-cut fries or sweet potato fries with MD mayo


(Sweet) Potato Fries with Housemade Mayo – 5,50

Side Salad – 5,50

Sourdough Toast – 2,50




Sourdough Toast -4,50

served with chocolate hazelnut spread or cherry preserves

Triple Chocolate Cake – 8,00

house-made with white chocolate and Belgian dark chocolate sauce

Passion Fruit Cheesecake – 8,00

house-made cheesecake with berry, coulis and pecan crumb base

Our vegan menu is 100% plantbased and made fresh daily in house. Please let us know if you have any food allergies