Shared Dining Menu


Bread & Dips

with homemade basil butter and truffle aioli – 8

Faux Gras in a Jar

with toasts – 9

Smoked Aubergine Almond Dip

with flaky flatbread – 10,50

Tomato Tartare

chopped seasonal tomatoes with Amsterdam onions 11,5

Sashimi Watermelon

with Tamari soy sauce, nori, and furikake – 12,5

King Oyster Scallops

with purple potato purée, crispy ‘bacon,’ seaweed caviar,
lemon oil and micro parsley – 11,5

Tomato Lox

tomato lox with brioche toast horseradish ‘cream cheese,’
red onion, capers, dill and lemon – 9,5

Whole Braised Artichoke

with vegan Parmesan and lemon aioli – 9,5


4 pieces on piccalilly cream & mustard mayo – 7,5

Roasted Cauliflower

garlic and ‘parmesan’ roasted cauliflower, with macaroni, ‘cheese’ sauce, crispy capers,
thyme breadcrumbs, toasted grains, and purple mustard micro greens – 11,5

Korean Fried Cauliflower

served with gochujang, togarashi, and spring onion – 9,5

Meatless tacos with spicy jackfruit

2 tacos with pulled jackfruit with mixed herbs, tomato, corn cream & edamame
with sriracha and mayonnaise – 12,5

No mis-steak

meatless steak with chimichurri, sweet potato, crispy chili oil – 12,5

Spicy oyster mushroom skewers

2 grilled oyster skewers with chili flakes, secret sauce, and spring onion – 9,5

Rainbow Sliders

2 beetroot and carrot burgers
with broccomole, rocket and kimchi mayo – 9,5



Grilled Broccoli

with pumpkin creme and slivered almonds – 6,5

Smashed Potatoes

with truffle mayo & ‘Parmesan’ – 7,5

Sweet Potato Fries

with MD mayonnaise – 5,5

Caesar Salad

romaine leaves with pan-fried ‘chicken,’ ‘bacon bits,’ garlic thyme croutons
‘Parmesan,’ micro kale and MD Caesar Dressing – 8,5



 Chai Spiced Orange Creme Brülée


Chocolate Cappuccino

dark chocolate and coffee mousse with white chocolate top
and coffee bean and hazelnut crunch – 10

Chocolate Cake

Belgian chocolate cake made in-house – 8

Passion Fruit Cheesecake

made in-house with gingerbread crumb base, served with
blackcurrant and fresh blackberries

Our menu is 100% plant based and made fresh daily in house. Please let us know if you have any food allergies