Meatless District Amsterdam Bar & Kitchen - 100% vegan - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner & Drinks - Take away - Organic
Bilderdijkstraat 65-67- Huis Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands


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We had 3 course dinner with drinks etc and we had a great time! The place was nice and service was good. The food was good, however, my cauliflower steak was not actually a steak, it was just a...
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Elisabeth R schreef op 19-11-2017
Worst customer service we experienced in Amsterdam. Quite disappointing. Would not recommend a visit here.
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Lindsay A schreef op 16-11-2017
Came here for lunch on a Wednesday. You can grab a table wherever you’d like. My friend and I shared the sunshine bowl, the grilled cheese sandwich and the green pea soup. Everything was delicious...
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Emily R schreef op 16-11-2017
Bilderdijkstraat 65-67- Huis Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands
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5 5
Great place for vegan eats. Had the MD burger with cheese - really good. Hummus outstanding too. Their fresh bread is a highlight!Lees verder
Garrett A. schreef op 21-11-2017
1 5
I don`t know where those people eat, that have rated this 5 stars?? Thank you for the stomach pain that both my husband and I have now. This is not Vegan...Lees verder
Aida A. schreef op 06-09-2017
4 5
I got the cauliflower steak, but my favorite part of the dish was actually the potatoes. They were the perfect temperature (which to me means a little bit...Lees verder
Soohyun Y. schreef op 05-06-2017
Delicious food and environment. My artichoke soup was superb!
Gisela schreef op 10-02-2018
Everything is good!
Joost schreef op 24-01-2018
Vegan food
PanMan schreef op 23-01-2018
Classy interior, but casual. The “burger” IS terrific, & well-dressed on a fresh baked bun w/ veggies & delicious sauces. The sweet potato fries are perfection. Local beers, full bar & good service.
Marc schreef op 14-01-2018
The wine was delicious but the food was basically fast-casual vegetarian—mostly fried and nothing special. 🍷
Sarah schreef op 08-06-2017
Delicious MD Burger with avocado and eggplant. Everything on the menu looked tasty. Lovely staff. Be sure to book in advance!
Marc schreef op 02-04-2017
Beste lunch gegeten hier !
Madre Madonna schreef op 18-02-2018
Food amazing, staff super helpful and friendly. Best food I had in Amsterdam
Fiona Claire schreef op 14-02-2018
Wonderful food and drinks, lots of different flavours even if the menu is not very extensive. A friendly staff. A point to address is the front door, a lot of cold air comes in as people come and go.
Sabrina Brando schreef op 11-02-2018
Had the most sophisticated vegan tagliatelle I could imagine - three lines of ingredients to deliver a burst of flavours, tastes and textures! Service was good too.
Phan Chi schreef op 21-01-2018
Amazing place a dream come true please open more outlets all over the place so ya vegans can eat like “normal” people xx
Ben Couldridge schreef op 14-01-2018
This is amazing restaurant that will please Vegan, Vegetarian and ALL others. The food tastes fantastic is beautifully crafted and the service is great. I like to eat healthy but generally eat meat. Three of us shared 2 appetizers, 2 main courses and 2 desserts. The portions were ample but what blew me away is I preferred them over the last dozen or more meat dishes I’ve had at wonderful restaurants. If you are Vegan you’ll be ecstatic and if your not you will be thrilled too! Looking forward to going back the next time I’m in Amsterdam and many more times!
Joan Ploem Miller schreef op 11-01-2018
The MD Burger was definitely one of the best vegan burgers I had so far! Excellent and highly recommended!
Verena Nistler schreef op 09-01-2018
Perfect ! Very good product 100% vegan & adaptation at allergic person
Mélina Roussel schreef op 02-01-2018
Very tasty food, nice staff, place looks great. Chairs not really comfy and the place is quite noisy, but over all I would recommend it!
Tamara Catharina schreef op 30-12-2017
Greta Nehrenberg schreef op 04-12-2017
Very good food. Excellent service.
Flor Zack schreef op 02-12-2017
In alles top !
Gerco Tolsma schreef op 30-11-2017
Was so excited to eat here, finally, but left disappointed. Lunch menu was small and expensive. Salad I ordered was tiny, very few pieces of vegan "meat", just a few pieces of lettuce. Bread was warm but doughy. Gave feedback and was told "it's expensive because we use cashews and other expensive ingredients". If we want more people to be open to eating veg / vegan, let's try to make it economically accessible as well, please!
Lisa Pesak schreef op 18-11-2017
Geweldige vegetarische en veganistische gerechten!
Joocke Scholte schreef op 06-11-2017
Ik ben echt verslaafd aan MD! Het is zo lekker. Leuke bediening. Voel mij er super fijn, op mijn gemak. De burger OMG � Ik zou iedereen dit restaurant aanbevelen. Ook mensen die niet perse vegan eten.
Babette Soffer schreef op 03-11-2017