Meatless District Amsterdam Bar & Kitchen - 100% vegan - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner & Drinks - Take away - Organic
Bilderdijkstraat 65-67- Huis Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands


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My friend and I made a reservation for dinner for this place. The menu has plenty of interesting choices. I ended up ordering the tofu cheeseburger and my friend had the gnocchi. We also shared an...
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Synthia_Jb schreef op 30-04-2017
Great burger, great cheese, great fries, some people might think the portions are too small but its perfect! Desserts looked amazing as well. Tram 17 from Amsterdam CS and a minute walk to the...
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iristhx schreef op 24-04-2017
One vegan one meat eater, but we both enjoyed the food. I had the soup, dont worry its not as weird as it sounds. Mom had mushroom and walnut pate, which we both enjoyed, and was a big portion for...
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LizG186 schreef op 21-04-2017
Bilderdijkstraat 65-67- Huis Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands
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I don`t know where those people eat, that have rated this 5 stars?? Thank you for the stomach pain that both my husband and I have now. This is not Vegan...Lees verder
Aida A. schreef op 06-09-2017
4 5
I got the cauliflower steak, but my favorite part of the dish was actually the potatoes. They were the perfect temperature (which to me means a little bit...Lees verder
Soohyun Y. schreef op 05-06-2017
5 5
I ate here three times during my week in Amsterdam. It was very, very, very good. On the first visit, we split the MD cheeseburger with fries, an asparagus...Lees verder
Erin M. schreef op 21-11-2016
The wine was delicious but the food was basically fast-casual vegetarian—mostly fried and nothing special. 🍷
Sarah schreef op 08-06-2017
Delicious MD Burger with avocado and eggplant. Everything on the menu looked tasty. Lovely staff. Be sure to book in advance!
Marc schreef op 02-04-2017
Very nice vegan burgers! Try the MD Cheeseburger.👌🏾
Médard schreef op 18-02-2017
Such a great place! Even the meat eating boyfriend loved the food from the vegan `bitterballen` to the peanut butter chocolate cake. Book a table a couple days ahead though!
Yin schreef op 20-10-2016
Really friendly staff, good food and nuce atmosphere
Hélène schreef op 14-08-2016
Service was good but food was clumsy and lacking finesse. Vegan food can be so much more. Fresh spring rolls of 80% rice noodles served on hummus without a dipping sauce was tasteles, dry and stodgy.
Anthea schreef op 22-07-2016
We just loved it. The stuff was really friendly and the food was amazing. I'll definitely come back when I should visit Amsterdam again.
Lili Zivi schreef op 01-10-2017
Sooo good!!!! The ceaser salad was amazing, everything was delecious!!
Adi Glick schreef op 26-09-2017
Amazing food !!
Bahar Ori schreef op 25-09-2017
Fantastic service and best cheese burger I've ever had!
Rik De Louche schreef op 20-09-2017
Food was fantastic and the service was perfect. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone and everyone!
Rachel Watsky schreef op 20-09-2017
Heerlijk eten, gezellige tent.
Carmen Jurriaans schreef op 16-09-2017
Super Good food. Love this place. When in Amsterdam We will always visit this place 👌🏼
Naomi Peters schreef op 15-09-2017
The Sunshine Bowl was awesome !! We will be back....from your Canadian friends
Wendy Chapman-Moraghan schreef op 13-09-2017
Super lekker gegeten! Tot de volgende keer �
Tamara de Haan schreef op 10-09-2017
Great food, friendly wait staff, and rustic ambience. Came highly recommended, did not disappoint!
Char Jo schreef op 27-08-2017
Il miglior ristorante vegano dove abbia mai mangiato! Porzioni abbondanti e ottima qualità! Consigliatissimo!
Emanuele Di Bene schreef op 26-08-2017
Amazing food. So lucky to have got a table last night. I ate probably four times what my stomach could handle but it was all so good. I can't wait to go again when I'm back in Amsterdam.
Anne Megan Davies schreef op 26-08-2017
Once upon a time I was a meat-eater. After-all I was born in Texas. However, now I live in Amsterdam and moved to a vegan diet a few months ago. I came here last night for the first time. This place is hip and trendy and full of beautiful people. The staff was very friendly and helpful as well, which isnt always typical of a dutch restaurant. I had the jackfruit pulled "pork" taco as a starter and it was delicious. I think the chef does a good job of replicating the flavors and texture of a proper pulled pork taco. As my main, I had the cauliflower "steak" and again it was delicious and super filling. They also have good wine and beer options available. Although I would have been thrilled to see a "gouden carolous" classic Belgian beer available. � They also accept american express credit card, which of course I love. I will definately be back and I will definately recomend this place to all my plant eating friends. Stay awesome meatless district!
Michelle Caruso schreef op 25-08-2017